The New Year Refresh: The Kid’s Room

This is our second installment in a small series on refreshing the walls in your home for the New Year.


This poster from 1917 of Jack and Jill is an heirloom piece made to be passed down through the generations. Click on the image to learn more.

Interior of nursery.

These wonderful Winnie the Pooh posters were printed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original printing of the famed A.A.Milne story.


The New Year serves as an annual ‘refresh’ button; a marker in time that reminds us that we are all capable of starting a new project, improving ourselves, or simply making changes for the better. There’s no easier way to usher in a year of new beginnings than focusing on the place you call home. By making small visual updates to your surroundings, you will literally begin to see things in a different way.

Today we are focusing on our recent influx of wonderful children’s posters. We love picking up these posters at The Ross Art Group; they’re sweet, whimsical, and are a wonderful way to introduce art to your child.

Here are some more of our personal favorites from our collection. Please click on any image to learn more about the specific poster:





About The Ross Art Group

Specializing in original vintage posters, The Ross Art Group opened its doors over 18 years ago, and founder Mickey Ross has been collecting original posters for over 25 years. What started out as a hobby, sparked a true passion and developed into a thriving business.
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