Gift Giving: For the Person that Leaves You Stumped

For the weeks leading up to Hanukkah and Christmas, we’ll be featuring some fabulous gift ideas here on the blog.

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Your brother’s new girlfriend, the fearless nanny who wrangles your kids during the week, your dearest friend that happens to be the pickiest person in the world; no matter how hard we try there are always those few people on our list that leave us stumped.

Here at The Ross Art Group we not only understand this issue (it happens to us all the time), we have the perfect solution!

Look no further than this series of six original signed and numbered prints created by the great French poster artist, Razzia A.K.A. Gerard Courbouleix.

Each print measures 10.5″ x 14.5″ and exemplifies the artist’s signature Art Deco-influenced style. Razzia has created more than 200 posters in his career and this series of six are his most favorite designs.

 3830-180DPI  3832-180DPI
 3827-180DPI  3831-180DPI

We love them both individually, as pairs, or as a complete set of six.

On their own, they are the perfect solution for that under $300 present that also takes up very little room in a house or apartment.


The perfect companion to our limited edition Razzia prints; a retrospective book on the artist written by Mickey Ross, owner of The Ross Art Group.
Only $50.

The series of prints was issued in conjunction with release of the book 25 Years of Poster Art of Razzia, written by gallery owner Mickey Ross.

Add in a copy of the book for only $50, and make the present that much more special.


Photo courtesy of RueLaLa. Click on the image to read an interview with Mickey Ross about the Razzia book.

About The Ross Art Group

Specializing in original vintage posters, The Ross Art Group opened its doors over 18 years ago, and founder Mickey Ross has been collecting original posters for over 25 years. What started out as a hobby, sparked a true passion and developed into a thriving business.
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