Can you find the missing Monkey?

This is not a Where is Waldo style note but rather an opportunity to acquire an old friend in the poster world. As so many poster lovers know, many of the posters that were readily available years ago ( at least 18 years ago when I started as a dealer) are no longer found .

One of those disappearing images is the image affectionately known as “The Drunken Monkey” . The actual title of the poster is Anisetta Evangelisti and it was created in 1925 by the Italian artist, Biscaretti. Years ago, I could usually find an example of one whenever I needed or wanted one. And then the available inventory of these at my sources dried up. The image is very whimsical, charming, and extremely detailed . It is amusing and hangs in many homes of my clients, mainly in a bar area or gaming area. The colors are rich and the eye-appeal is very striking.

I have always been on the lookout for another Drunken Monkey and when an old client of mine called to say that they were moving into a smaller home and wanted to know if I was interested in purchasing her poster I answered with a definite yes. Happily we now have it in the Gallery and it is in excellent condition with rich full color. The poster measures 39” 54” and is priced at $3,900. Since there is only the one piece, it is offered subject to prior sale.
Who knows when another will pop up?

Monkey copy

As a quick reminder if you are planning to visit our Gallery, we are closed on Saturdays during the summer and will return to full Saturday hours on September 7.

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