Poster Pointers: What should I buy?

What should I buy?One of the most common questions we hear at the gallery is, “What should I buy?”

So many people are drawn to the vintage poster medium but when it comes to narrowing down what to buy, they’re very concerned about choosing the “right” item.

The most important thing to remember when grappling with this question is there is no “right” item. I believe that you should only buy what makes you happy. Art is a personal choice and once you bring your purchase home, you should take pleasure in viewing it every time you see it.

“But is this poster a good investment?” Don’t worry about buying the most expensive poster, or the best known artist’s work; you want your poster to be something you’re excited to see each and every day you look at it. Worrying about the investment should not be your prime criterion for making your decision. On the other hand, there are some ground rules you may want to consider. For example, you should always buy a poster in the best condition available. While few people purchase a poster with the intention of selling it for a profit – other than most dealers – many of my clients are pleased when they find out that their purchases of yore have appreciated in value. When posters are in top condition, they command and deserve higher prices. They hold their value and often appreciate.

So what affects the value of a poster? Stay tuned to learn more about this topic in our next series of Poster Pointers!

About The Ross Art Group

Specializing in original vintage posters, The Ross Art Group opened its doors over 18 years ago, and founder Mickey Ross has been collecting original posters for over 25 years. What started out as a hobby, sparked a true passion and developed into a thriving business.
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