10 Vintage Posters for Your Bar

Once you start looking around when out for a bite, or a drink, you’ll start to notice vintage posters everywhere. Ross Art Group has supplied restaurants and bars in NY, CT and beyond with artwork for their walls for many years now. Vintage posters add  whimsy, character, and a touch of class that so beautifully warms up a room.

Why not recreate this look for your bar at home?!? Below we’ve listed 10 original vintage posters in various sizes and price ranges to help get you started. For more ideas, visit the liquor section of our website. Cheers!

Cordial Medoc - Small

Cordial Medoc, Small - by Le Monnier - 23" x 31" - c1935

Imperial Old Scotch Ale

Imperial Old Scotch Ale - by Anonymous - 14" x 20.25" - c1940

Porto Ramos

Porto Ramos - by Vincent - 14.25” x 21” - c1920

Soufre Gre

Soufre Gre - by Dupin - 23” x 31.5” - 1933

Cognac Pellisson, Small

Cognac Pellisson, Small - by Cappiello - 32” x 47.5” - c1920

Creme de Menthe Cusenier

Creme de Menthe Cusenier - by Pal - 23.5” x 31.75” - c1895

Vezelise No 1 Biere

Vezelise No 1 Biere - by Bolard - 31.5” x 47.2” - 1952

Aubel & Fils

Aubel & Fils - by Anonymous - 31” x 46.5” - c1930

Supreme Cusenier

Supreme Cusenier - by Pal - 41.7” x 59.4” - c1900

Vermouth Blanc

Vermouth Blanc - by Comoz - 45.5” x 77” - c1915

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Specializing in original vintage posters, The Ross Art Group opened its doors over 18 years ago, and founder Mickey Ross has been collecting original posters for over 25 years. What started out as a hobby, sparked a true passion and developed into a thriving business.
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