Decorating by the Sea: 5 Vintage Posters for My Dream Beach House

The summer in New York City has been a scorcher so far, leaving me hot, thirsty and dreaming of my perfect beach house (and how I’d decorate it). I imagine the cool, salty breeze flowing through the open windows, swirling around my comfy, but sparse furniture (mostly white with a touch of azure blue I think), and mixing with the sweet scent of a freshly chopped watermelon coming from the open kitchen. Ahhh, sounds deliciously refreshing.

I continue my daydream, and imagine that I’ll need to take breaks from the surf and sun, and find refuge inside this relaxing haven, and will want it to feel inviting and fun while I lounge about indoors. I don’t want that amazing ocean view to be the only work of art I lay my eyes on all summer! I mean, what will I look at come nightfall, as I listen to the crashing waves and drink my chilled French Rosé (from Provence of course)? What will others look at – besides by lovely furniture – when I host guests for the weekend, have fabulous dinner parties in the evenings, or entertain new friends I’ve met while laying on the beach?

Seeing as how I love all things French – the language, the wine, the cheese, that romantic accent – it only makes sense to add French vintage posters to my dream beach house decor. These lovely old posters will grace my walls in beautiful silvery frames and add a splash color, a touch of whimsy, realistically curvy women, and the french language displayed in cool vintage fonts. Yes!

There’s going to be a large wall in the open kitchen/breakfast area that will feature the rare and wonderful Source Brault poster from France. Printed in 1938, I imagine that these risqué mermaids caused quite the chatter as pedestrians walked by this large advertisement for bubbly water. I love the bubbles, the mermaids, and the colors for my dream kitchen. While not a beach poster proper, it is about water, swimming, and one of the best imaginary creatures of the sea – mermaids!!!  Love, love, love it.

Source Brault

Source Brault by Noyer, 1938

In the airy, open living room, I’ll have this Cannes poster from 1930. Who doesn’t love this beach town for its breath-taking beauty, swanky film festival, and utterly wonderful Frenchiness (it’s probably a word)? And, I adore the hand-drawn font spelling out the often mispronounced name of this schmancy getaway. (It’s pronounced “kan” – as in “Can you please pass the brie?” or with a British accent “Can you please pass the brie?”)

Cannes - Letters

Cannes – Letters by Sem, 1930

In each of the three bedrooms, one of these turn of the century French posters will decorate the walls: Malo des Bains, Grand Casino de St. Malo, and Onival Sur Mer. I am totally tickled by the modest beachwear, and love that these posters are a little more subtle in color, with a little less of a bold pop. They will add a more serene and refined feel to my dreamy bedrooms.

Malo Les Bains - Herdin

Malo Les Bains by Herdin, 1898

Grand Casino de St. Malo

Grand Casino de St. Malo by Pean, 1905

Onival Sur Mer

Onival Sur Mer by Adar Lanz, c1905

Ever the idealist, I believe dreams can come true. However, I better end my daydream here and get back to work, so I can make this daydream mine for real. As the happy man asked in Pretty Woman…”What’s your dream?”

– js

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